The Story of a Bipolar Bear.

A Lord of the Ring' fanatic who also happens to be a chemist, an amateur painter/comedian, south Asian, a NYC-er, and mentally ill.

I was reading an article about intellectual disabilities and the connection it has the X chromosome.

I’m a paranoid freak and I know SHITload about science and I’ve avoided trying to ever look up shit about my family history but that article in the discovery magazine hit me with reality.

That article talked about a how a defected x chromosome has a connection with the intellectual disabilities such as men are most likely to be born with an academic disability because of their mother since boys only receive one X chromosome.

It got me thinking.

My sister has a very low IQ and learning disability.

My other sister was born mentally retard.

I have a fairly high IQ and I’m a carrier of the fragile X chromosome and so it my youngest sister.

I only have one brother, who is normal and highly intelligent. There would have been around an 80% of chance he could have had an academic disability.

So that means if I have a boy, he has more of a chance not only to HAVE BIPOLAR BUT also intellectual disable.

More reasons to not have children.

This whole time I thought I got my bad genes from my dad.

I got the bipolar disorder gene from him and now I’m a carrier of an intellectual disability.

I need to make an appointment to genetics doctor.

No self-paranoia.

  1. honeydust said: my bipolar-depression-anxiety cocktail is one of the biggest reasons i feel no desire to procreate, as both my parents have these issues. bah!
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